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These minute books document the creation and subsequent activities of the State Highway Commission, a legal body organized in Idaho in May, 1913. The body was necessary in order to participate in the National Highway Federal Aid program, organized to assist states with the creation of state and national highways. The minutes record details about the state’s transportation projects including budgets, timelines, project names, and even contractor bids. In September, 1913, the commission identified and prioritized the state’s primary transportation needs in consideration of interstate transportation routes that were to make up the National Highway (pp. 4-5). North and South Highway (from Weiser, ID north to the Canadian border - U.S. 95) Western border to SE border (Old Oregon Trail from Bear Lake to Ontario, OR - U.S. 30/I-86/I-84) A southern junction from McCammon to the Utah state line (I-15) A road north from Twin Falls, towards Hailey, Ketchum, etc. (U.S. 93/S.H. 75) Junction from Spokane Bridge, east to the Montana state line (I-90) A road north from Idaho Falls to the Montana state line. (I-15 North)