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Cultural Heritage Collections Online in the State of Idaho

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The Digital Library of Idaho (DLoI) is a collection of digital libraries from across the state of Idaho, providing access points to the varied historical images, documents, and other media available to the public. This “collection of collections” was developed over the course of the 2020-2021 academic year by a board of directors drawn from librarians from the University of Idaho, Boise State University, Idaho State University and the Idaho Commission for Libraries. The site currently features over 150 collections from 6 organizations from across the state that can be searched and browsed by subject matter, material type, date range, and location.

The Digital Library of Idaho is the first initiative of the Network of Idaho Academic Libraries (NIAL), which seeks to increase the statewide impact of higher education by facilitating and strengthening collaboration and communication among Idaho’s academic libraries.

Add Your Collection

We encourage any Idaho organization that is interested in adding a digital collection to the site to reach out to us by filling out the below form or emailing Devin Becker at Once contacted, we will reach out to you regarding the specific forms and information you need to fill out to include your collection here.

Future Directions

DLoI is currently a collection of collections, and the founding board members believe that focusing on collections and their importance to the state should be an ongoing principle of the organization. We also intend to expand the site’s capacity to include aggregated item information from each collection as well. This will enable further advancements and features, including cross-state search functions, machine readable data formats, and improved ability to discover, teach, build, and create additional resources and expressions from the collections and their items.

Advisory Board

Technical Credits - CollectionBuilder

This digital collection is built with CollectionBuilder, an open source tool for creating digital collection and exhibit websites that is developed by faculty librarians at the University of Idaho Library following the Lib-STATIC methodology.

Using the CollectionBuilder-CSV template and the static website generator Jekyll, this project creates an engaging interface to explore driven by metadata.

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