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This archival record collection from the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD)features materials and photographs that document the creation and maintenance of Idaho's transportation networks including roads, railroads, bridges, highways, and airports dating from the early 1900s up to 2012, when the documents were transferred to the Idaho State Archives as part of a joint digitization project between the Idaho Transportation Department and the Idaho State Archives. Materials in this collection originate from ITD Headquarters (ITD HQ), and from each of its statewide districts (Districts 1-6), and include materials from each of it's six divisions: Administration, Aeronautics, Highways, Human Resources, Motor Vehicles, and Transportation Performance. AR 24 Negatives Index This collection is comprised of an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 photographic negatives, organized alpha-numerically by subject matter, dating from 1945 to 1990. The Idaho State Archives has digitized 3,227 of these images and made them available on this database. The complete index is available as well, and is word-searchable. Images that have not been digitized are available for viewing by request at the Idaho State Archives at 2205 Old Penitentiary Road, Boise Idaho 83712. AR 24 AERO Materials in this series originated in the Aeronautics Division and features aerial footage as well as airports, airstrips, wreckage, and "Air Breakfast" events together with aviation-oriented subject matter. AR24 Minute Books The Minute Books document the creation and subsequent activities of the State Highway Commission, a legal body organized in Idaho in May, 1913. The body was necessary in order to participate in the National Highway Federal Aid program, organized to assist states with the creation of state and national highways. The minutes record details about the state’s transportation projects including budgets, timelines, project names, and even contractor bids.

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